[On-Demand] Design Thinking
Webinar & Guide

Join Angel Green for a two-hour design thinking webinar that will help refocus your
instructional design on the learner instead of the content!

Design Thinking for Instructional Designers


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Focus on the Learner. Not on Content.

Instructional design. The word design is right there in the title. You are a designer. But, how does your world compare with that of other designers. Do you relate to them? Those folks are creative, aren’t they? They push boundaries. They sketch great ideas on the back of napkins. They prototype. They conduct user testing. They fail frequently, start over and try again. They are creative innovators taking the world by storm. Are you?

Or, like many instructional designers, do you find yourself paying more attention to theory, documentation, and content curation than the actual product you are designing? Do you feel more analytical and structured than creative and carefree?

The good news is that anyone can learn how to harness the power of creativity. By tapping into the techniques and strategies employed in both design thinking and human centered design, instructional designers can join the league of designers.

In this two-hour webinar, Angel Green, senior instructional strategist, Allen Interactions, will discuss the power of design thinking, human centered design, and the creative process, walking you through an instructional designer guide designed to tap into your (and your project team’s) creative power.