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AutoNation Blended Sales Training With ROI Results

Get access to this case study detailing the blended learning program from AutoNation & Allen Interactions. Learn how this program earned AutoNation an additional $10 Million in annual profit!


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The Situation

As America’s largest automotive dealer, with over 20,000 Sales Associates, AutoNation found itself facing a common struggle—too much content, too many people to train, too little time for training! AutoNation needed a more effective and efficient way to train advanced sales skills—a method that was scalable, repeatable, and minimized the amount of time spent away from the sales floor.

The Need

Recognizing that simply presenting content to the learners in an e-learning course would not lead to behavior change, AutoNation partnered with industry leader Allen Interactions.

The Solution

The goal was to design and develop an hour-long e-learning course to build confidence in Sales Associates, preparing them to present a Sales Menu to customers and to discuss their needs with the manager at the sales desk.

The Challenge

But, delivering a new method of training, coupled with the recent investment in a Learning Management System, led some AutoNation leaders to question whether or not these expenses were justified. Therefore, solid metrics on performance improvement were necessary to overcome skepticism.

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We recently launched a custom elearning course and already measured a 8% increase in the primary performance area we were trying to improve! Allen Interactions created an extremely engaging, interactive sales process course with complex sales associate to customer interactions.

Kenneth Gregson
 Director - Variable Operations Learning & Performance, AutoNation, Inc.