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Taxonomy Alignment for Gaming (TAG) Poster

Get a poster of TAG, based on Bloom's Taxonomy, to help guide the incorporation of game design elements into e-learning courses.

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Taxonomy Alignment for Gaming (TAG) Poster

Get the TAG Poster Now!


What is The Taxonomy Alignment for Gaming (TAG)?

Allen Interactions' Taxonomy Alignment for Gaming (TAG), based on Bloom's Taxonomy, is an instructional tool that helps instructional designers who are looking for meaningful ways to incorporate game elements into their e-learning designs.

About Gamification for e-Learning at Allen Interactions

At Allen Interactions, we believe game elements and mechanics should be married to instructional design without haphazardly throwing in points or badges. In fact, we’ve been doing that for over 20 years with an advanced design model created by Michael Allen, called CCAF-Based Design, which includes four elements of instructional interactivity: Context, Challenge, Activity and Feedback.