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Practical Tips for Performance-Focused Microlearning

In this free kit, get access to the webinar, Practical Tips for Performance-Focused Microlearning, a free microlearning e-book and blog posts. 


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Ellen Burns-Johnson 
Insructional Designer 


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In this kit, get access to: 

The e-Book, A Bite-sized Guide to Microlearning:

Explore the basics of microlearning design and get foundational knowledge on implementing microlearning at your organization! 

This e-book delivers insights into what makes successful microlearning gleaned from Ellen's experience working with varied companies and organizations.

eBook_Cover_Bite_Sized_Guide_to_Microlearning_.pngIn the spirit of making “short and sweet” learning content, this e-book is organized into short sections that each provide a foundation of knowledge in the following topics:

  • Is microlearning a good fit for your organization?
  • Delivering microlearning
  • Planning a curriculum with microlearning
  • Designing good microlearning experiences

The On-Demand Webinar: 

In this 1-hour webinar, Ellen shares best practices, tips and processes to apply performance-focused design principles to your microlearning events. 

During this session Ellen and attendees will:

  • analyze microlearning examples
  • discuss design principles
  • share ideas for overcoming some of the fundamental challenges that organizations encounter when trying implement short-form learning

Microlearning Blogs :

Explore a variety of Allen Interaction's microlearning blog posts that include best practices, examples and tips for creating effective performance-focused microlearning!